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Wooden Floor Sanding – what is involved?

We have to go through several steps to renovate your wooden floor, starting with:

1. Assess the condition of your floor, and prepare it for wood floor sanding in London. Any loose boards will be glued or nailed down, and any broken or splintered boards will be replaced with a similar timber. Any protruding nail heads will be punched below the surface.

wood Floor sanding london

2. (Optional) Any unusually large gaps in the floor can be filled at this stage by fitting fillets of similar timber. These are wedge-shaped in section and are driven into the gaps with glue to completely fill them. Any protruding fillet is then trimmed off flush with the floor.

wood floor restoration

3. The floor is then sanded with a coarse grit (how coarse depends on the condition of the floor, we will always try to remove as little wood as possible when sanding to prolong the life of the floor).

Floor Sanding Services London

4. When all the original finish has been removed and the floor is level, we will sand it again with a medium grit. If we have had to use a very coarse grit for the first sand, we may have to use a semi-coarse grit in between as skipping grades in the sanding can result in an inferior finish.

London Wood Flooring

5. We can then mix the sawdust from the medium grit sanding with a special clear resin to make a filling paste which we use to fill all remaining gaps,this dries quickley to a close colour match.

6. We then sand the floor with a fine grit to remove any scratches left by the previous sanding and to ensure no filler is left on the surface.

7. We then buff the floor with a rotary sander to give a very fine finish suitable for applying the finish of your choice.

8. (Optional) We then apply stain by hand, with the grain, and wipe off excess.

Wood Floor restoration london

9. When the stain (if any) has dried, we can apply the first coat of finish.

10. If we are using water-based lacquer, the first coat will need ‘cutting back’ (extremely fine sanding to remove grain-raising) when it is properly dry.

wood floor restoration London

11. Further coats of finish will be applied as required (minimum 3 coats water-based lacquer or 2 coats hardwaxoil).

Wood Floor Restoration

12. Your floor will require 2-3 days for the finish to harden enough for normal use.

London Wood Flooring

And this is how TK Flooring does professional floor sanding services in London.

Congratulations! You now have a beautiful, craftsman-finished wooden floor!

Wood floor sanding London

The scope of services provided by our company is exceptionally vast. We do not only offer basic services, such as laying new floor panels or adjusting them to the existing pattern, but we also deal with such comprehensive tasks as wood floor sanding and decorating in London. Thanks to cooperation with our company, you can easily change your old room or any other space into a brand new, shiny one your visitors will surely envy you. What is more, you do need to pay fortune for such services. All you need to do is to contact TK Flooring and specify the task you would like us to help you with.

For a number of consecutive years, our predominant point of focus has been floor laying. Therefore, we are highly skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to cutting, laying, and finishing wooden panels, as well as strips and customized floors based on the use of such types of wood as oak, maple, walnut…and many others. Even if you have purchased an unusual variation of wooden panels, we will be happy to help you laying it. Who knows, we may be granted a unique chance of learning something new! We are always willing to take advantage of such opportunities.

It must be pointed out at this point that laying new floors and sanding existing ones are not the only services our professionals are capable of performing. We would also like to inform all the interested individuals that we are also remarkably proficient when it comes to decorating house interiors and exteriors. You name it, we perform it. If need be, we can additionally provide you with advising services in order to support you in purchasing proper materials and accessories that will make house decoration possible. With Tk Flooring, quality is simply guaranteed.

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