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TK Flooring - Professional Wood Floor Sanding Company in London

TK Flooring is a well-known family company based in London with over 10 years experience in the wood floor sanding london and restoration industry. Covering London and surrounding area, we offer a high-quality renovation service for all your wooden floors.

We are a committed team of people who diligently carry out all the work needed to restore your wooden floors to their former glory. Using specialised equipment and superior materials we will ensure the process of wooden floor sanding and finishing runs extremely smoothly. We have extensive knowledge and many years of experience in the proper maintenance of wood floors and can answer any questions or concerns you may have. Our three "E’s" policy - Equipment, Expertise, and Enthusiasm - and attention to detail has resulted in lots of satisfied customers who needed floor sanding completed across North and West London.

We can also accomplish all jobs in relation to the cleaning of wood floors, and are confident you'll be surprised and delighted with the final result. Of course we offer a completely free no-obligation quote before commencing work in your property and wherever you require perfect maintenance of your wood floors.

With TK Flooring you can absolutely rely upon us to communicate with you from start to finish in an accurate and timely manner, and we guarantee the highest standards of service at the same time as saving you money on replacing your entire floor.

We aim to ensure your wood floor restoration in London is a pleasure and not a chore.

By using us, you will be able to look forward to using and viewing your wood floor in a whole new light!

Fitting wooden floors and wood restoration is our main business. Our experienced specialists offer expert advice on all your Floorboard finishes so you are just one phonecall away fro-m our a-z services.

TK Flooring services include the preparation of the floor sanding, staining, polishing, laying, finishing and restoration of all types of wooden floors with no exceptions. We can prepare your floors for sanding by removing existing floor covering . The best advise is to the professionals like TK Flooring take the hassle out of your flooring preparation.

We use dust free leading branding equipment and products such as Sadolin, Morrells BonaKemi, Granwax Osmo, to make sure you are getting the best service possible at the best price . By using a wide range of hard wearing and durable floor sealants like: oil or water borne with gloss,matt or satin finishes we try to enhance the natural beauty of wood.

wood floor restoration LondonWe see a variety of floor materials these days. There are a number of flooring tiles, of the entire price range. There are cheap flooring tiles available as well as very expensive ones, but then the quality matters the most, one should not compromise on the quality. There are number of marble designs available for the floors. Even a well known paint company introduced floor paints that look like wood, but are cheaper than them. Although, these paints didn’t get much success and that’s the reason most people don’t even know about them. But despite all the wide range available people go for wooden floors.

floor sanding London Not all of us go for natural wood floors, but the ones who appreciate quality, natural beauty of the wood, amazing aura of the property that comes naturally when you have wooden floors, posh but at the same time cosy look that makes your place unique, a home that everyone want to live in. Can make it affordable, since wooden floors are not cheap also they require your attention, from time to time, as they beautifully age with time, they need to be taken care of and should be renovated on and off. This is what we call floor sanding, and here we are, TK Flooring is one of the leading companies providing wood floor sanding services in West and North London, we are professionals with no doubt.

floor sanding There are many companies working out there for wood floor sanding in London, one of them is TK Flooring Company that does floor sanding services for homes and businesses around London area. TK Flooring employs only experts, we are well equipped and can deal with any project related to this field. For over 10 years we have dealt with personal residences, schools, offices, restaurants, retail premises, churches and embassy. Working with a diverse variety of products and materials to come to perfection that we can offer you. TK Flooring adviser will provide you with a free-on site consultation service. You can make an appointment at the day and time that suits you best by talking directly with our customer care advisor.

wood floor sanding London The kind of floor completing utilized will likewise differ your wood floor sanding expense. TK Flooring works in the application of both dissolvable based polyurethanes and water based polyurethanes. A dissolvable based polyurethane completion is less expensive than the water based choice and will lessen your expense of wood floor restoration in London. In spite of the fact that this item is less expensive furthermore harder wearing it has a few downsides which makes clients settle on the more costly water based choice. Anyway, one should not compromise on quality. And go for the material which is durable enough to last long and our advice is to trust TK Flooring entirely as you are dealing with wood floor sanding experts providing wood floor sanding services in London for a long time successfully for both, customers and for us, the company as well.

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We use eco friendly, fast drying , water based polyurethane varnish as a combination of high degree wear and chemical resistance for commercial premises as well as residential homes. Here at TK Flooring company we make sure to minimise disruption to your daily rutine also to reduce odour production as much as possible during application and the drying process. Every floor resurfacing job is different , which also makes TK Flooring capable to deliver the perfect floor resurfacing every time so if you are looking for an expert do not hesitate and call us , we are happy to help . Important information for property owners is that having a new wood floor adds without any question elegance and style to any home but also increase the value of the property. Wooden floors has become the choice for fine homes and commercial properties because of its beauty, durability and easy care also wood increase in beauty and value over time so sometimes just by ressurfacing dull floors in your home is the best way to restore its genuine brilliance.

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