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Steps to consider when getting ready for wood floor sanding in London

The technology behind floor sanding has incredibly advanced in recent times and it only means that the floor restoration provides far superior finishes. A competently restored wood floor actually creates a sophisticated and versatile wood covering, that’s both durable and simply attractive. It is essential that your chosen company to do the floor restoration is well-informed and experienced enough in terms of the field of wood floor restoration. The restoration process of a wood floor changes from one job to another and the sign of a real professional is definitely a tailored approach.

On the other hand, if you need a good insight into the trade knowledge, here are the information that you need. It will certainly leave you well-informed and best-prepared to achieve the perfectly restored floor in a confident manner.

  • Make sure that the area to be restored is cleared of all of the furniture and anything that could be damaged during the sanding process. This will surely work to speed up the process, allowing us to protect all of the remaining fittings and fixtures.
  • The completion of any repairs needed to the wooden boards is the second step you should take. If you see any loose boards, they have to be fixed down and any protruding nails should be hammered carefully. This way, the head of the nail is low enough not to damage the sanding equipment.
  • Floor sanding is the third step and it’s the most time-consuming task of all. The time taken to complete this job with precision and care will definitely pay dividends with the end result. The best advice to complete such task is to start in the corner of the room and work up and down to make sure that the drum sander is kept moving all the time and working with the grain of the wood.
  • The fourth step that you need to do is to sand using an edger. This is a kind of machinery, which has already built yo a good reputation to be challenging to control. Thus, it’s essential to use it with a side-to-side motion and to sand the perimeter of the room wherein the drum sander couldn’t reach. The procedure of sanding using the drum and the edger sander should be repeated with a finer grit sandpaper until the finish one desired is achieved.
  • Filling any sort of existing holes using latex wood filler is the fifth step here. This actually works to fill any scratches or holes and should be liberally applied.
  • The final step is the finishing. However, with this matter, stains are highly optional. Once wood stains have been chosen, it will need to be completed before the finishing process. This will surely achieve a darker or lighter appearance to the wood boards. Once this has been completed, an appropriate wood finish should be applied. There are great variations available here and we as a professional wood floor sanding service from London provider will guide you towards the best as well as the most-appropriate finish for your wooden floor. The floor needs to be left for about 24-hours before setting any furniture.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a professional floor sanding company from London, it would be best for you to hire the TK Flooring company now.

Wood floor restoration in London

wood floor restoration LondonCertainly each of us did hear about wood floor sanding in London, but not always everyone knows exactly what does it mean. First of all floor sanding is a form of wood floor renovation that we do in North and West London that's related only to wood flooring. In general the goal of floor sanding is to improve the appearance of old wood floors often used in homes around London, which as you know, will get damaged over the years. Wood as a natural material will be clashed, and its top layer will get destroyed.

Floor sanding in West and North London

floor sanding North LondonWhile doing floor sanding in London first and foremost step is to clear out the room, or the office or where ever we will carry out the process. Then we have to level the floor, by removing all the old seals. The sander needs to compass and coast over the floor on smooth roundabout movements, softly taking out the exceptionally top layer of the ground surface. Begin the smoothing process by utilizing a 50 coarseness sanding sash. This will evacuate the scratches left by the past 36 grit belt. Because initially we use a 36 grit belt to bring the floor to one level. The smoothing process is very important because then we need to use an 80 grit sanding belt to smooth it further. No scratches should be left on the floor and a well skilled worker will do it with no problem. Then we utilize a rotational sander or a cradle with a 100 grit or 120 grit circle to uproot the fine scratches left by the 80 grit sanding belt. The cradle will leave the floor extremely smooth and set up the floor for preparing. Then our experts have to apply a wood deck base prime to set up the wood floor for lacquering. There is no need to worry, TK Flooring Company only uses the best quality materials and products for best result and your peace of mind. The next step in wood floor restoration London is to run the cushion machine over it with a 150 grit to uproot any raised grain, leaving the floor extremely smooth and prepared for last steps. Then we have to make sure the floor is cleared of all the dust. Then we have to apply the second coat of lacquer when the first is dry, and sometimes add a third coat too, if the area where the sanding is being done is often used, like a kitchen, sitting room or corridor if its domestic project or an office, retail shop, restaurant, hairdresser or any other commercial project. And this is how TK Flooring does professional wood floor sanding in North and West London.

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wood floor sanding London

Wood floor restoration for SIlverImageLondon

We have recently completed a full wood floor restoration for a printing company in London. This 24 hour printing in London company offers high quality banner, poster, documents and canvas printing services.

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