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Wood floor sanding in West London

Wood is a natural material, which, depending on the type of ground on which it grew, age, type of fibres, moisture content and species may be characterised by varying degrees of hardness and may show different properties during processing. The appearance of soft wood species can be changed by sandblasting them in a manner emphasizing the annual grains. Wooden floors can be cleaned in this way too.

If you want your floor to be cleared of any dirt, shining and delightful as a new one, use our services. Apart from screened sand you can use other raw materials for sandblasting such as: crushed glass, carborundum grit, steel shot and grit, copper slag, powdered slag, glass beads (bead blasting), metal pellets, dry ice, garnet. Every wooden surface is exposed to scratches and can get dirty and worn out in a natural way. These dull, scratched, worn-out-looking wood floors, can be brought back to life by us. After sandblasting you'll enjoy the beauty of wooden surfaces for a long time using nothing but regular wood care products.

Floor sanding West London

Floors are basically the most important and attention seeking part of building in a house. Probably because it’s the foundation of a house. And it needs to be made perfectly, especially if it comes to wooden floors, this is why it is important to find the right company for such a service. TK Flooring Company is the best choice you can make for wood floor sanding in West as well as North London where we operate the most. We are proud to be the wood floor sanding experts in London.
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