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Floor sanding in North London

Sandblasting is a process which mainly consists of cleaning or shaping any surface material forcing solid particles or sand across that surface at high speeds A similar process is known in dentistry, but instead of air, liquid is used filled with hard particles.

The history of sandblasting dates back to the 19century when Benjamin Tilghman patented an artificial sandblasting process as a form of cleaning on 18 October 1879 and soon it became very popular. TK Flooring has been dealing with sandblasting wood floors for 10 years and has gained considerable experience and multitude of satisfied customers. Sanding the surface is a process similar to the grinding process, with one exception- sandblasting makes the surface much smoother.

All difficult spots and hollows will be precisely cleaned Sandblasting is especially recommended in places where there is a limited access to curvatures and corners and using a traditional method of grinding is impossible. Sandblasted floor shines and delights, which certainly can be confirmed by clients of floor sanding North London company.

Floor sanding North London

Wood floor sanding is the procedure of uprooting the top surfaces of a wooden floor by sanding with specially designated materials. Most of wooden floor materials can be sanded, including timber, stopper, particleboard, and parquet. A few floors are laid and intended for sanding.
And obviously for carrying out the process special machines are required, large material is removed by sanding belts or drums. And it is not a very simple process, it requires a proper step by step procedure, and wood floor sanding experts from North London like TK Flooring Company.
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