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Floor sanding services London

TK Flooring is your solution to Floor Sanding Services London. As a company with many years experience in the field of wood floor restoration in London and new wood floor installation, we have built our reputation by providing the highest quality and most cost effective aesthetic solutions for our clients.

All wooden floors need periodic maintenance to retain their true beauty and remain fully functional.

Our company will allow you to enjoy the wonderful look of the floor for a long time. Renovation services are also useful in the event that the replacement of individual parts of the structure and also if you are considering internal refurbishment or remodeling.

TK Flooring has the widest range of options for new or renovation techniques to compliment your overall project. Or indeed you might want to use changes to your floor to become the focal change in your interior design that inspires other changes. Our company has a wide range of types of wood, laying techniques, lacquers and stains and different colour shades that can help you achieve your dream space.

wood floor restoration London

Floor sanding services London is usually associated with great noise and dust, but by using the latest equipment we eliminate both factors to a minimum, making this a more enjoyable experience for you and your neighbours.

Your comfort during a renovation matters to us - we make every effort to ensure that our services for renovation of floors for you to be fully satisfactory, both in terms of the atmosphere of cooperation, the quality of the end result and of course the price.

Please visit our web site on www.tk-flooring.co.uk for detailed information, photos, current projects and our contact details. We look forward to giving you a beautiful cost effective solution.
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